Monday, 24 December 2012

Life and Times of Furness Vale Printworks

 The story of the Derbyshire village of Furness Vale and it's calico printworks as recorded in the scrapbooks of Mr W. A. Bradbury. A leading member of the community, Bradbury spent his working life at the mill where he was a foreman. He was a staunch member of the Methodist Chapel and a lay preacher as well as being closely involved in other local organisations. This book is compiled from W. A. B's records and includes many reproductions from his collection of handbills, photos and cuttings. Mr Bradbury died in 1926 at the age of 67

Published by Furness Vale Local History Society, this book of 80 pages is available price £5 from Furness Vale Post Office or from the Society; email for details.

An e-book edition is now available for download to your Kindle, price £1.96 from Amazon

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