Sunday, 21 June 2015

Edgar Wood. Manchester Architect

Lindley Clock Tower, Huddersfield

Edgar Wood (1860 - 1935) is perhaps not well known outside of his native Manchester yet he was a leading proponent of the Arts and Crafts movement and was responsible for some notable buildings. His greatest triumph was the Church of Christ Scientist in Victoria Park. Grade 1 listed, this is one of the finest twentieth century buildings in Manchester. Constructed between 1903 and 1907 it was regarded by Pevsner as one of the most original buildings of its time, anywhere. It was the first church in Britain to be constructed for the Christian Scientists and was decorated with bronze biblical lettering,an arabic organ screen and furniture designed by Wood himself. It closed as a church in 1971 and was occupied by the Edgar Wood Centre for nearly 30 years. It is once more a place of worship being a centre for the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.
At least twenty of Wood's buildings are Grade 1 or 2 listed.
Wood was also an accomplished artist and often painted in Italy, the country to which he retired. 

Church of Christ Scientist

Manchester Old Road, Middleton

Upmeads, Staffordshire

A Mediterranean Market

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