Thursday, 17 November 2011

Errwood Hall

The picturesque and remote Goyt Valley lies to the North West of Buxton and has for a long time been a popular destination for visitors.   It was here in 1840 that Errwood Hall was built for the wealthy Grimshaw family. In 1930, the last of the family to live there, Mrs Mary Gosseling, died.  The contents of the hall were sold and the property was bought by Stockport Corporation. For a short while, the house served as a youth hostel but in 1934 it was demolished.  Much of the land was to be flooded with the creation of Errwood reservoir and the house was considered unviable.

A few remains are still to be seen

A number of photographs of the hall are available and from these, in conjunction with large scale maps, I have created a reconstruction using Google Sketchup.

A short walk through of the model is available on you tube:

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