Monday, 14 November 2011

High Street Bollington

The scheme to build houses at the top of High Street in Bollington met with local opposition as the proposal involved building on a pub car park and on open, tree covered land.  I was commissioned to build a model and the photographs below show some of the construction stages.

The "context" buildings are finished in white. windows and doors shown simply as recesses. 
The new buildings are to be fully detailed and finished in colour

Most of bollington is stone built and the models reflect this.

Some of the topography is formed from card, particularly the roadways.

The remainder of the terrain is formed from material such as expanded polystyrene and covered with smooth plaster. When complete, it is finished with simulated grass.

The completed model includes a number of large trees which are fashioned by hand. Foliage is a commercially available product.

A few other details such as cars and a phone box add a splash of colour and a sense of scale.

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